Things I have recently worked on.

Deno SQLite

A JavaScript/ TypeScript module for SQLite3 targeting Deno. View Project →


A web app that recognizes musical notes in recorded audio. View Project →

Computational Physics

Code for Computational Physics Course of Fall 2019 at Imperial College Dept. of Physics. View Project →


A markdown viewer supporting Common Mark and LaTeX equation rendering. View Project →
More Projects


Ruby server and front-end for collection analytics data. View Project →


Go based server and web app for practicing coding interview questions. View Project →


A NodeJS based server and web chat application. View Project →


2018 summer project at Imperial. A Python module for computing energy eigenvalues. View Project →

Conditional Variational Auto Encoder

Example Implementation of Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder. View Project →

JavaScript Plotter

Pure JavaScript plotting demo. View Project →

QtCreator Python Extensions

A plugin for QtCreator that allows to run extensions written in Python. View Project →


A simple interpreter for the Brainfuck language. View Project →

Pebble Directions

A simple directions app for the now discontinued Pebble smartwatch. View Project →


C++ neural networks without using any libraries. View Project →